Where farmers can save money these days

Building material emvau-schlacke reduces the cost of building biogas plants and silo panels

Biogas plants are playing an increasingly important role in Germany as a contribution to the energy mix. The gas can be used to generate electrical energy, operate vehicles or feed into the gas supply network. Many farmers have now recognised this technology as an economic factor. Now they can even save money when building the plants: by using the substitute building material emvau-schlacke for the base and antifreeze layers of the areas on which the plants are built, which has an enormous load-bearing capacity and is also very cost-effective.

A large proportion of the raw materials required for biogas production are produced naturally in agriculture as a by-product. Therefore, this industry has the greatest potential for the production of biogas. Nevertheless, the construction of a biogas plant as a first step is a big investment before it can earn money. However, before plant construction can begin, a larger area with good, stable ground must be available.

The Hanseatische Schlackenkontor from Hamburg has been successfully marketing the building material emvau-schlacke since 1994. This material is used for base and antifreeze layers in road, surface and hall construction. The largest project to date was the Altenwerder Container Terminal in the Port of Hamburg, where over 400,000 tonnes of emvau-schlacke were used over several years. Every day, large quantities of containers weighing several tons are stored and moved on these sites. It is generally assumed that the required load-bearing capacity for areas exposed to high loads from heavy goods traffic must be at least 150 MN/m2 . emvau-schlacke is particularly suitable for this requirement, as it can even reach values of over 180 MN/m2. Last but not least, it is used in all container loading terminals in the port of Hamburg.

What works in Hamburg’s container port under the most difficult practical conditions in the truest sense of the word does not pose a problem when it comes to preparing land for a biogas plant. The suitable emvau-schlacke is quality-tested and is available in grain size 0/32 mm. It can also be used very well as a base for silo plates, road construction and for the construction of floor areas for pigsties and cowsheds.

Installation is possible under asphalt, concrete and paving. An additional advantage in the construction phase is that emvau-schlacke can be paved even in poorer weather conditions and can be used immediately. This permits rapid work on the construction site. It should also be pointed out that the building material is environmentally friendly and sustainable because it conserves natural resources.

However, the most important news for all farmers is likely to be the very favourable price. HSK ARGE Distribution will be happy to provide information and advice on this matter. It supplies emvau-schlacke in Hamburg and the neighbouring federal states. Six sales partners ensure that the building material can be used on site within the shortest possible time. Satisfied farmers from Lower Saxony like Maik-Andre Köppen and Jörn Schwanemann would go again with emvau-schlacke in the future, because the price-performance ratio is difficult to top.

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