Installation conditions

The installation of emvau-schlacke represents a proper and harmless use within the meaning of §5 Paragraph 1 Section 3 Federal Immission Control Act (recycling before disposal).

The specific installation conditions are determined by the competent state authorities, in particular for public road construction.

Installation conditions for the use of emvau building materials

  • Covered superstructure with asphalt, concrete or paving
  • The distance between the bulk solid base layer and the highest groundwater level to be expected must be at least 1 m.
    In Hamburg the “Merkblatt zur Ermittlung des höchsten zu erwartenden Grundwasserstand bei Einsatz von Ersatzbaustoffen in Hamburg” valid since 12/2008 has to be considered (see Merkblatt “Wasserkarte”).
  • No installation in established or planned drinking water protection areas and water priority areas *
  • No installation in areas with frequent flooding, in hydrogeologically unfavourable locations, on surfaces with sensitive use (e.g. children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, drainage layers etc.)
  • In the case of direct contact with installations susceptible to corrosion, a minimum distance of 50 cm must be maintained.

* The HSK provides free support in checking the installation requirements for the environmentally compatible installation of emvau building materials.

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