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Ash as a high-quality substitute building material

Those who, as experts or interested laymen, would like to gain a quick and well-founded insight into a building material that is still underestimated should read the newly released publication “Ash as a high-quality substitute building material”. On 24 clearly arranged and understandably written pages the substantial facts are gathered.

It is important to the authors to work out that the building material ash makes a contribution to recycling management, climate protection and the conservation of natural resources. In particular, the situation in Hamburg is discussed, where the use of ash is officially supported. The Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and the Environment even demands that ash be given priority in construction projects.

The authors also address the reservations and prejudices about this building material and make it clear that slag is now “probably the best-studied road construction material”. Important technical details such as the chemical and mineralogical composition and tree mechanical properties are listed. The reader will also find statements, for example, from the Öko-Institut e.V. and the Federal Environment Agency.

The core of the publication is devoted to the presentation of the properties and areas of application of ash. In Hamburg alone, the ash has now been used on more than 2,500 construction sites.

The publication “Ash as high-quality substitute building material” can be requested directly from us free of charge.

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