Approvals / Certificates of conformity

Approvals (official confirmations of list inclusion)
Test certificates (third-party monitoring reports)

All quality building materials supplied by us comply with the approval conditions in accordance with EU law and have certificates of conformity.

The documents are very extensive and are subject to regular and short-term updates. In addition, we have several delivery plants and warehouses (see About us: Production – Distribution – Warehouse), which is also taken into account in the documents.

Please request the following documents by Mail. Due to the legal status of these documents we do not have them available for download, but will send them to you immediately.


  • Approvals (confirmations of list admissions)
  • Certificates of conformity (third-party monitoring reports)


  • Approvals (confirmations of list admissions)

The quality is ensured by the factory production control (WPK) and external monitoring (FÜ).