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Building material emvau-schlacke reduces the cost of building biogas plants and silo panels

Biogas plants are playing an increasingly important role in Germany as a contribution to the energy mix. The gas can be used to generate electrical energy, operate vehicles or feed into the gas supply network. Many farmers have now recognised this technology as an economic factor. Now they can even save money when building the […]

Publication: “Ash as a high-quality substitute building material”

Those who, as experts or interested laymen, would like to gain a quick and well-founded insight into a building material that is still underestimated should read the newly released publication “Ash as a high-quality substitute building material”. On 24 clearly arranged and understandably written pages the substantial facts are gathered.

Study proves high quality of Hamburg HMV ash as building material

The Bochum-based engineering firm KM GmbH für Straßenbau und Umwelttechnik has presented a scientific study in cooperation with the Institute for Soil Science at the University of Hamburg and the Öko-Institut e.V. in Darmstadt. In this study, the possibilities for recycling HMV ash from the Hanseatische Schlackenkontor in road construction and earthworks are investigated, taking […]

Expertise confirms enormous load-bearing capacity of HMV ash

The Altenwerder Container Terminal (CTA), one of the most modern terminals in the world, has been in operation in the Port of Hamburg since 2001 as part of the port expansion. Due to the high stress caused by heavy loads, a very high load-bearing capacity of the ground is required there. The independent HeidenLabor from […]

Küchen Aktuell is building a new market in Hamburg

Küchen Aktuell has opened its twelfth store nationwide in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. Each offers at least 150 kitchen programs. The building site at Merkurring covers 7000 m2, the built-up area is 5500 m2. In outdoor and indoor areas, 7000 t emvau-schlacke are used, which is known for its high load-bearing capacity.